Under 13's & Under 14's Player Development Centre launch hailed a great success

Posted: Monday 23rd February 2015 - 8:36 PM

Players were introduced to not only on the field technical and tactical provision but also movement and mental skills.

Speaking on the success of the programme Tigers Talent Development Manager Darren Higgins said: "The launch of the programme proved to be a big success, not only did we access a high number of players, the majority of which were from local clubs, we are also really pleased with the amount of provision the lads were able to access not only from a rugby point of view but also from a movement development perspective.

Darren added: "This programme is not only a vehicle to develop players but local coaches will develop as a result of their involvement and the support mechanisms we have place for their own development. In future sessions the players will also access coaching from the clubs youth performance coaches and personnel from the first team environment. All in all we made a great start to the programme with plenty of encouraging feedback from players and parents. At the same time we are in the process of identifying areas in which we can improve for the benefit of players involved."

For more information about the Castleford Tigers Under 13’s and 14’s Player Development Centre email Tigers Talent Development Manager Darren Higgins here.

*Photograph courtesy of Melanie Allatt photography.

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